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Delivers Integrated Information and Technology Solutions to Drive Healthcare Forward

IQVIA harnesses insights, commercial and scientific depth, and executional expertise to empower clients to achieve some of their most important goals: Improving clinical, scientific and commercial results.



Decades of tradition link KNAPP to the entire healthcare supply chain. KNAPP meets the conflicting demands of quality, performance and efficiency using a mixture of tried and tested technologies, such as the Central Belt System or smart shuttle solutions, as well as innovations such as the Pick-it-Easy Robot, KiSoft Vision and the KNAPP-Store. The smart blend of all these technologies produces the zero defect warehouse: the warehouse that combines highest quality and process reliability with maximum efficiency.


Insight Health

INSIGHT Health is a reliable information service provider in healthcare.Our broad knowledge of the health care market is the basis of our data based services in the field of market research and patient centred care. With the fast and transparent supply with data analyses we create individual solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, wholesalers and pharmacies as well as political and scientific institutions in the health care market.


SSI Schäfer

SSI Schäfer is the world’s leading supplier of warehouse and logistics systems. The services it offers range from concept design, warehouse fittings with its own products to the implementation of complex logistics projects as a general contractor. The pooling of collective skills under the umbrella of SSI Schaefer lays the foundation for the development of market-oriented, industry-overlapping warehouse systems and for the conception of complete intralogistics solutions.




We have designed, tested and manufactured packaging solutions for the transport of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical and food products, including plastic totes, since 1996. We meet demands from all across the pharmaceutical supply chain by providing a customized response to the specific needs of our customers.



Sensitech Inc. enables global leaders in the life sciences market to track, monitor and protect the quality and integrity of their temperature-sensitive products across complex supply chains. Through its logistics security division, FreightWatch International, Sensitech also provides real-time cargo transparency and security solutions, mitigating risks such as theft, diversion, and chain of custody.



Thermo King offers a comprehensive range of product solutions specifically designed for the transport temperature control industry. Thermo King prides itself in the research and development of market-leading innovative solutions to ensure they continue to offer their customers the most reliable, efficient and effective products..


3C Excellis Europe

3C Excellis Europe are the world’s leading pharma serialization experts. 3C combine rich traceability expertise with first-hand implementation experience in order to deliver actionable intelligence and clarity for all businesses in the pharma supply chain. Our unique resources are underpinned with a proven methodology and shared approach to developing innovative solutions that add value beyond compliance to any serialization programme.



Adents is a leading provider of premier serialization solutions for unique product identification and traceability. Adents helps pharmaceutical companies, Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and their Supply Chain Partners adapt to market changes and comply with regulations on drug traceability.
Adents Seriza, a serialization solution for manufacturing sites, has been selected as a preferred solution by Siemens for its customers. Adents Prodigi, a cloud solution jointly developed with Microsoft and powered by Azure technologies, allows for secure data exchange and helps leverage the power of serialization data.
Adents operates globally, with offices in the United States, Europe and Asia and with a worldwide network of solution partners.



Movilitas was founded in 2006, and today employs approx. 210 experts worldwide.
Movilitas is expert partner in the domains of Serialization/Track & Trace, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Analytics and Mobile. All these domains make Movilitas a key player in Supply Chain Integrity.
Movilitas is the world market leader for the implementation of SAP Track & Trace solutions. Movilitas is having an close relationship with SAP and is involved with several clients implementing the new SAP Track & Trace solution, SAP ATTP. Movilitas has an enviable set of USPs for SAP ATTP and SAP OER/AII that no other competitor can match.


B + B trace

b + b Automations- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH offers hardware and software solutions around the serialization of packaging throughout the complete supply chain. A modular software architecture enables the communication between 3rd party software applications, e.g. ERP – systems, NMVS, EMVS etc.
As a turnkey solutions provider we assist and support our customers (MAH, CMO, 3PL and wholesaler) during the complete serialization journey, from strategizing, to implementation and validation of their serialization solution.
BEYOND COMPLIANCE - whatever the future brings.


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